Real Trial Lawyers Who Don’t Settle For Less

Rainboth, Murphy & Lown, P.A. is not a firm that rolls over for lowball offers or shies away from court. We are one of the few firms still willing to stand our ground to demand total compensation for our clients. Our attorneys go to trial on a regular basis, with a long record of favorable jury awards. Our attorneys never settle for less — nor should you!

Personal Injury And Work Injury Lawyers
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Get What Your Claim Is Worth

Corporations and insurance companies will use every tactic to deny responsibility or downplay your compensation. That is why it is so important to hire a litigation firm with the ability to take your case all the way. Rainboth, Murphy & Lown, P.A. fights for the full personal injury damages or workers’ compensation benefits you deserve. We routinely obtain recoveries that are double, triple or even five times the insurance company’s first offer.

Consistently Good Recoveries

We have secured sizeable jury verdicts and settlements, but we welcome cases big and small and give every client our best effort.

$4 Million Settlement For Spinal Cord Injury

We Get Results Because We Care

We have sat at hospital bedsides, visited the homes of those who cannot travel, and answered the midnight calls of distressed clients. In many cases, we are all that stands between our clients and financial ruin.

At Rainboth, Murphy & Lown, P.A., we take our job seriously and treat our clients with dignity and respect. Our firm is committed to holding negligent drivers, medical providers, nursing homes and property owners accountable. We work hard to make you as whole as possible. We’re here for answers and support at every stage of your recovery.

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