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Trial Attorneys Advocating For Workers Injured In Construction Accidents

Despite safety rules and precautions, conditions at construction sites are often ripe for injuries to happen. These workplaces are busy, ever-changing and generally hazardous for countless reasons. Roofers, carpenters, electricians, plumbers and other laborers are at risk as they move between high and low places, traverse planks and work in close proximity to heavy equipment.

When an accident happens and injuries occur, a lawyer’s early involvement can make a great difference in the recovery of compensation. A skilled personal injury attorney will facilitate a prompt, thorough investigation. Ideally, gathering information about what happened should begin as soon as possible after an accident. At Rainboth, Murphy & Lown, we welcome inquiries from injured workers at all stages of a construction accident case.

What Type Of Construction Accident Brought You Here?

Were you injured or was a family member severely injured or killed in a construction accident such as those described below?

  • A slip-and-fall, ladder accident or a fall from heights
  • An accident involving heavy machinery or equipment with fast-moving parts
  • An encounter with a hazardous object, such as a falling object or a trip-and-fall hazard
  • An accident involving a vehicle, such as a forklift, utility vehicle or delivery truck 
  • A burn injury caused by a fire, an explosion or exposure to toxic chemicals 

An injured construction worker typically qualifies to begin receiving workers’ compensation benefits soon after an accident. When a workers’ compensation insurer stops payments inappropriately, our attorneys are ready to go to battle for the injured worker – including by taking appeals before high-level courts. Because of our strong track record in litigation, we have helped many injured workers negotiate good disability settlements or win sizeable verdicts in court.

Do You Have A Third-Party Liability Case, Too?

Workers’ compensation covers medical care and can replace some wages. A worker with a lasting disability or permanent injury may receive a large lump sum after reaching maximum recovery. In case of a construction site fatality, qualified next of kin may receive death benefits.

Workers’ compensation does not allow you to sue your employer or co-worker, and does not allow for the recovery of financial awards for pain and suffering. However, if evidence shows that a third party (not the worker’s employer) caused or contributed to an accident, the worker may also be able to bring a separate injury claim against that person or entity. For example, the general contractor could be liable for defying safety regulations. A subcontractor or utility company could be liable for creating a dangerous situation. A manufacturer might be responsible for defective power tools or equipment that failed and led to injury.

Our construction site accident attorneys regularly take cases to workers’ compensation appeals and third-party liability personal injury lawsuits to trial.

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