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When Medical Errors Lead To Birth Injuries

Dealing with the serious injury or death of a mother or child during the birthing process is among the most devastating tragedies a family can face. It is even harder to bear when you believe that a birth injury or grave complication could have been avoided.

Our attorneys represent parents who are reeling and grieving and angry because of a preventable birth injury. We will help you hold the doctor or hospital accountable for your child’s permanent disabilities and suffering, and for your family’s financial hardships from the lifelong care needs.

New Hampshire Birth Injury Lawyers

Rainboth, Murphy & Lown handles medical malpractice cases throughout New Hampshire, Maine and Massachusetts, including birth injuries to the mother or child such as:

  • Lack of oxygen resulting in cerebral palsy
  • Spinal injuries resulting in paralysis
  • Forceps injuries, broken bones and other injuries such as Erb’s palsy occurring due to mismanaged passage through the birth canal
  • Failure to perform a timely C-section; C-section injuries; unnecessary C-section resulting in injuries
  • Hemorrhage or bleeding resulting in maternal injuries or death

A Birth Injury Firm With The Resources And Skills Necessary To Get Results

Serious birth defects can result in lifelong health complications and significant financial consequences. The Portsmouth injury lawyers at Rainboth, Murphy & Lown have the knowledge and experience necessary to handle complex birth injury lawsuits in New Hampshire, and the financial resources required to battle doctors, hospitals and insurance companies.

Choosing a law firm to handle a complex case such as a birth injury is an important decision that can impact the rest of your life. The medical and legal complexities require a veteran law firm with access to the medical and legal experts who are able to build a case capable of winning the compensation you and your family deserve. At Rainboth, Murphy & Lown, we hold OB-GYNs and hospitals responsible for tragedies. We are trial lawyers. We are equipped to handle medically complex cases, with many good recoveries in negotiations and jury trials to show for it.

Each member of the staff at Rainboth, Murphy & Lown wants you to be comfortable with your decision. Choosing a law firm to represent you in a birth injury claim is an incredibly personal decision. We understand. We are a firm of parents and families. Together, we will assemble a team specifically chosen to address the needs and challenges of your case.

As necessary, we will come to visit you at home or in the hospital to discuss your rights. Our birth injury attorneys handle all types of serious and fatal birth injuries, including delayed diagnosis of eclampsia and preeclampsia. We handle birth injury lawsuits in New Hampshire, Maine and Massachusetts.

Cerebral Palsy And Consequences

A child with cerebral palsy often faces years of therapy and, possibly, lasting disabilities. Cerebral palsy is a brain injury involving an infant’s muscle control. The four types are spastic, athetoid dyskinetic, ataxic and mixed.

As many as 10,000 cases are diagnosed among newborns each year – an increase of 25% in the last decade. An estimated 80% of cerebral palsy cases occur during pregnancy or childbirth. Common causes are infection, including meningitis, bleeding on the brain and a lack of oxygen to the brain. Our medical malpractice lawyers fight for the resources that babies and their families need when facing cerebral palsy.

Erb’s Palsy: An Often Preventable Injury

Erb’s palsy results from damage to the nerves in the shoulder, called the brachial plexus, and results in muscle weakness or a loss of movement in the arms.

To avoid excessive pulling during childbirth, C-sections are done for large or at-risk infants. Erb’s palsy can require surgery and tendon transfers to replace nerves that are not functioning properly.

Maternal Injuries And Complications: Eclampsia Or Preeclampsia

Some birth injuries greatly affect the mother as well as the baby. Uterine rupture, postpartum hemorrhage, undiagnosed gestational diabetes and sepsis after a C-section are examples. A legal claim may pursue damages for the mother, the baby or both, depending on the facts.

If a doctor fails to diagnose a mother’s preeclampsia or eclampsia, this may amount to medical malpractice. A prompt, correct diagnosis may mitigate the potential harm done by either of these conditions. Preeclampsia is a precursor to eclampsia and involves rapid weight gain and high blood pressure. Eclampsia involves seizures in pregnant women and can result in premature birth or stillbirth of infants. Experts believe a number of factors are involved, including genes and diet. A timely diagnosis is the key to preventing harm to the mother or baby.

Late diagnosis or failure to diagnose eclampsia or preeclampsia may result in stillbirth or the serious injury or death of the mother. Early delivery and anti-seizure medication can be warranted. If a mother with one of these conditions does not receive appropriate treatment and complications have an impact on the mother, baby or both, contact an attorney.

We Are Here For You At This Difficult Time

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