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Supporting Your Recovery After A Car, Truck Or Motorcycle Accident

A traffic accident is often a life-changing event that requires much time, money and effort to overcome. If you have been seriously injured in a motor vehicle accident such as the following, you need both quality medical care and reliable legal advice.

  • An auto accident, such as a rear-ender, a head-on collision, a sideswipe or a multiple-vehicle accident
  • A motorcycle, moped or scooter accident
  • A truck accident involving a pickup truck, utility vehicle, garbage truck, snowplow or semi truck
  • A pedestrian or bicycle accident

When we represent clients injured in accidents such as these, we work hard to identify all available sources of compensation and overcome any obstacles along the way. We will find all available insurance and contest liability challenges. Unlike many motor vehicle attorneys who rarely take cases to trial, we regularly argue on behalf of our clients before judges and juries. Our practice reaches many clients in southern New Hampshire, southern Maine and northern Massachusetts.

See examples of our auto accident settlements and verdicts on behalf of clients.

How We Can Help You After An Auto Accident With Injuries

In a motor vehicle accident case, our services often include the following:

  • Communication: From the start, we will work to ensure that you have access to the medical care that you need for best results. We often reassure doctors and other health care providers that payment is coming, and they respond by treating our clients without pressuring them for payment before settlements or verdicts are paid out.
  • Investigation: We arrange for accident reconstruction studies. We gather evidence such as photos and eyewitness testimonies. We obtain and evaluate police reports, sources of insurance and medical reports.
  • Calculations: We devote much time and attention to assigning a dollar value to your injuries and losses, including lost wages or the replacement value of a homemaker’s contributions to a household. If injuries are catastrophic, our investigation includes consultations with life care planners to project costs over a lifetime for therapy, medical equipment, and other necessities such as home remodeling and modified transportation.
  • Legal analysis: We determine liability and prepare compelling arguments to use in settlement conferences, mediation or litigation.
  • Trial advocacy: Where other firms are content with lowball settlement offers, we prepare for court. Our reputation for success at trial brings insurance companies to the negotiating table, and when their final offer falls short of our clients’ needs we can and do try those cases to jury verdict.

We Truly Care

Clients of Rainboth, Murphy & Lown soon realize that we mean it when we say that we care. Our injured clients work directly with experienced lawyers and enjoy frequent progress updates. When it is time for our clients to make key decisions, they are well-informed to act in their own best interests.

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