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Strong Advocacy For Victims Of Motorcycle Accidents

We know how severe the injuries are in motorcycle accidents. A motorcyclist’s unprotected body is often badly battered in collisions with vehicles and impact with road surfaces. With or without a helmet, they may suffer serious head or neck trauma, shoulder or back injuries, as well as road rash and other injuries. Emergency medical care, follow-up therapy and quality legal counsel are all critical to the recovery of a motorcyclist or anyone injured in a motorcycle accident.

Call us to take action so we can protect your legal rights as an injured motorcycle operator or passenger, or pursue justice for a family member who was badly injured or killed motorcycle accident. The cards are already stacked against a motorcycle accident victim in many cases:

  • Insurance laws do not require motorcyclists to insure themselves as fully as they can and should – and many motorcyclists do not realize that they should ask to add MedPay coverage to their insurance policies.
  • Police, bystanders and the automobile driver who caused the accident often point the finger at the “biker.”
  • Insurance companies resist claims, and resist harder when the damages are high.

Our lawyers work hard to put the blame where it lies. We pursue all sources of compensation that may bring relief to our clients. We prepare for the possibility of trial and stand our ground in negotiations to maximize the compensation.

Our Two-Pronged Mission: To Advocate And Educate

At Rainboth, Murphy & Lown, our primary mission is to represent the injured and surviving family members after serious motor vehicle accidents. We also take every opportunity we have to educate our clients and the general public about the importance of reviewing accidental injury policies to ensure that in a worst-case scenario, medical bills will be paid and a family’s financial well-being will be preserved.

Your motorcycle accident injuries may include serious cuts and lacerations, bone fractures, back, neck or spinal cord injuries, or brain injuries. Our lawyers recommend that you document your injuries in detail and that you seek the best available medical care promptly.

Why Work With A Motorcycle Accident Attorney, Specifically?

Many personal injury lawyers boast that they take all kinds of cases. However, for best results after a motorcycle accident, seek the services of a lawyer with a strong track record in motorcycle accident cases, including trials.

As soon as the emergency care of the injured motorcyclist is underway, a motorcycle accident attorney is best trained and best prepared to safeguard their rights to fair compensation from all appropriate sources.

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If we represent you, we will do so on a contingency fee basis. You will not owe attorney fees until we recover a settlement or verdict for you.