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Takata airbag recall expands to include over 80,000 Nissan vehicles

– Zachary T. Zimish

On Friday, May 31, 2024, Nissan issued an urgent “Do Not Drive” warning for over 80,000 vehicles that are equipped with recalled Takata airbags. The recall is not limited to Nissan vehicles, as tens of millions of vehicles with defective Takata and ARC airbags have already been recalled. Nissan’s latest move underscores the seriousness of this ongoing problem. You should search your vehicle’s license plate or VIN number online at to verify whether your vehicle is included in the recall.

If your vehicle is included in the recall, stop driving it and call your local dealer to schedule a free repair of the defective airbag.

The problem with the recalled airbags is that heat and humidity degrade the metal inside the propellant canister causing the airbag to explode prematurely or as a result of even a small accident, sending shrapnel into the driver and passenger. A defective airbag may cause very serious injuries, including major head trauma, facial fractures, loss of vision, nerve damage, loss of limb, coma or death. The very devices meant to keep motorists safe have been turned into ticking time bombs due to the negligence of manufacturers Takata and ARC.

In a typical car accident, airbags can sometimes cause eye irritation, cuts, and burns, but a proper-functioning airbag is generally safe and saves lives. The defective airbags at issue here cause far more serious injuries than the average person would expect. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has said that, “Even minor crashes can result in exploding Takata airbags that can kill or produce life-altering, gruesome injuries”. NHTSA has linked defective Takata airbags to at least 27 deaths and over 400 injuries.

If you or a loved one has been injured by a faulty airbag, call Rainboth, Murphy, & Lown and we can provide a free evaluation based on the facts of your unique case.

Because the main cause of exploding defective airbags is heat and humidity, most cases have started in the southern United States, including Florida. However, just because New England has a cooler climate does not necessarily mean your vehicle is safe, only that defective airbags may take longer to degrade. People often buy used or rental cars without knowing their true origin. The nationwide recall takes this into consideration, prioritizing southern vehicle repairs over northern. Do not be complacent, New England – check your VIN and get your vehicle repaired for free.

Rainboth, Murphy, & Lown has partnered with a national personal injury firm to track the Takata and ARC airbag recalls, so we know what to look for when someone has been seriously injured in an airbag explosion. Call Zachary Zimish at Rainboth, Murphy, & Lown at 603-431-1993 for a free consultation of your product liability claim due to serious injuries from a defective airbag.